Aug 4, 2014

The Best Suggestion I Ever Got From My Editor

By Andrea Bachofen

We asked some authors to share the best advice they have ever received from their Penguin Random House editors.

Below, we explore the evergreen topic of the best editorial advice you have received. Next month, we’ll explore the question “How do you overcome writer’s block?” Submit your answers for inclusion here. (more…)

Aug 4, 2014

Spreading the Story: News from our Verticals

By Milena Schmidt

Penguin Random House’s genre-specific websites now reach more readers than ever through creative content and syndication strategies. These sites include Biographile, aimed at readers of biography and memoir; Suvudu, dedicated to science fiction and fantasy; Word & Film, which covers the intersection of film, television, and books; TasteBook, a community for foodies; and Everyday eBook, for digital readers. (more…)

Aug 4, 2014

Postcasting Tips from Beaks & Geeks

By Amy Brinker and Lindsay Jacobsen, hosts of Penguin’s Beaks & Geeks podcast


Podcasting is a popular medium for readers and authors alike, and can expand your fan base with interesting, shareable content. (more…)

Jul 1, 2014

Speakers’ Corner

By Tiffany Tomlin and Stefanie von Beoczy

At the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau, we represent an unrivaled roster of speakers who are shaping national conversations—on and off the page. Our newly designed website,, showcases our award-winning and bestselling talent, from Pulitzer Prize winners such as Junot Díaz, Charles Duhigg, Jennifer Egan, and Isabel Wilkerson to number-one bestselling authors, including Gillian Flynn, John Green, Charlaine Harris, Kathryn Stockett, Cheryl Strayed, and Markus Zusak. (more…)

Jul 1, 2014

Managing Your Time on Social Media

By Emily Hughes and Sophie McNeill

Building a social media presence can be important to your success as an author, but it can also be a significant time investment. We share our best tips on how to manage your social media efforts most effectively. (more…)

Jul 1, 2014

Goodreads for Authors: Learn About the New “Ask the Author” Program

By Christine Hung

Readers use Goodreads to discover books online, and to share books that they love. More than 25 million members and 100,000 authors use the site. Because Goodreads focuses directly on readers and on helping them discover new titles, authors who use the site strategically have a direct way to engage and interact with fans and prospective fans: users who have read or will read your books. (more…)

Jun 6, 2014

Introducing Our Brand-New Look

This was an exciting week for the Penguin Random House team, as we unveiled our new brand identity. Our new corporate wordmark will be paired with each of the company’s 250 widely recognized and respected publishing divisions, imprints, and brand symbols worldwide. This new brand identity reflects the merged company’s values, goals, and strengths, including its unique position in the international marketplace for books and its commitment to the diverse and distinct publishing houses that serve as creative homes for many of the world’s most beloved authors and books.  Penguin Random House partnered with New York–based design agency Pentagram to develop the brand identity.

Jun 6, 2014

Tuning In, Hanging Out, and Turning Pages: Book Purchasers and Media

By Sophie McNeill

There’s no doubt about it—book purchasers are curious about and engaged with media content across a variety of platforms and channels, especially online media. This makes book purchasers more accessible than ever to messages from authors and publishers. (more…)

Jun 6, 2014

New Ways to Connect with Readers on the Author Portal

We’re excited to announce the new redesigned and expanded Connect with Readers section on the Author Portal. Since the Portal’s launch, we’ve created more than sixty different articles and videos to help authors enhance their own marketing activities. (more…)

May 6, 2014


By Anna Quindlen

Award-winning author Anna Quindlen describes the start of the editing process with Kate Medina, in this touching tribute to the special relationship between author and editor. (Adapted from a speech Anna gave introducing Kate as the recipient of the 2014 Poets & Writers Editor’s Award.) (more…)